Magewell Ultra Stream

Our #1 recommended hardware streaming encoder!

With a convenient loop-through HDMI or SDI port, having a Magewell Ultra Stream between your workstation and your reference monitor gives you a push-button start and stop for your live streams.

The Ultra Stream is compatible with RTMP or RTMPS for sending live streams, and the Ultra Encode adds SRT and H265 to the list as well. Regardless of which stream protocol you use, make sure your H.264 encoding settings are suitable for Streamwell (specifically main or baseline profile and a keyframe interval of 2 seconds or less):

One of the other perks of a Magewell encoder is the built-in ability to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and hue on the fly. You can adjust these while live to match the look of your stream as closely as possible to the look of your reference monitor:

Magewell also provides a free tool called Magewell Control Hub to allow remote management of your encoders no matter where they are. For organizations considering use of multiple hardware encoders this is a particularly useful solution that can run on the same server as Streamwell:

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