Streaming with Chrome

AKA the "Control Room"

The Streamwell Control Room lets you stream directly from your web browser instead of using third-party streaming software or hardware.

Once enabled under Administration -> Server -> Features, you can open the Control Room for any channel from the home screen:

Choose your audio/video sources (in this example, an NDI output from my Premiere Pro timeline) and click the red button to start the stream. Pretty simple!


  • Allow 30 seconds for the video quality to "ramp up" to full quality when you start streaming.

  • If quality is the top priority, dedicated encoding software or hardware will produce a better stream. But you can't beat the convenience!

  • It is not recommended to record streams sent by the Control Room, since they can dynamically change resolution which can interrupt the recording. If interrupted, the recording may continue with audio only.

  • HLS playback may encounter issues as these streams change resolution dynamically depending on network conditions, and HLS does not support a continuous stream with different resolutions.

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