Sharing and Public Access

Public links provide a simple "tap-and-go" experience so you can easily share your live stream with public viewers.

The Public Link can be copied to provide view-only access to the current stream, or within the options dialog you can click 'Copy Embed Code' to generate a small HTML snippet that can be copy-pasted into any other website if you prefer to show your stream there. Click 'Reset Public Link' and anybody watching will be elegantly dismissed, then a new public link will be generated:

Sharing with a stranger? Try a Single-Use Public Link. These ultra-secure links can be accessed one time ONLY and expire 48 hours after creation. You can create as many as you need on the fly.

You can also click QR wherever you see it to get a scannable QR code for the public link, which makes sharing even easier:

Note: The HLS stream link (the one that ends in .m3u8) only resets when you reset the channel stream key, not the public link.

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