Users and Groups


There are two regular user roles, client and creator.

Clients can:

  • Log in and view a list of available channels. If only one channel is available to the client, they will go straight there and bypass the home screen.

  • View live streams, channel names and notes.

  • Upload and download files*

  • Participate in live chat*

*By default, clients see a simplified view of just the stream, channel name and notes. You can change this under Administration-> Customization -> Preferences (For instance, to allow file uploads, chat, or use of list view for clients viewing dozens of channels)

Creators can do the above plus:

  • See live stream stats including number of viewers, data in/out and more.

  • View the creation date for each channel

  • Copy or reset the input Stream URLs

  • Copy or reset the Public Link and embed code

  • Record and playback live streams

  • Delete files, in addition to upload/download privileges

  • Clear the chat history

There is currently only one top-level admin account for administration of users, channels and other server settings. The default credentials are admin / vnadmin.

Use the + and - buttons to add and delete clients and creators, or click on a user to edit it:

You can change the password of any user account when editing the user in the administration section, or by clicking the username at the top right when logged in as that user.


Groups let you easily manage multiple users at a time. Just like an individual user, groups can be granted or denied access to a channel with just a click. Here we are creating a group called "The Bigwigs" which will include Pepperoni and Linda.

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