How to Update

You can update Streamwell in just a few minutes!

1. Backup the database under Administration -> Server -> Database -> Backup. It should produce a .SQL file with lots of text in it.

2. Remove your license and take a screenshot or copy of the removal code and install ID:

3. Run the installer script again to automatically upgrade to the new version (Linux and macOS command shown below)

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL"

...or, if you manually installed Streamwell first remove the container then pull and run the latest version (either use the same run command you tucked away during the install, a Docker Compose file, or by following the manual install instructions again).

Note: if you do not enter the same encryption key (SYSTEM_KEY variable) you used to install Streamwell when updating it, your database will restore but the stream input URLs will be different. The signatures at the end of the links are an important security feature of Streamwell to prevent unauthorized access and sharing.

4. Login and obtain the new install ID under Administration -> Server -> System Info (click to copy)

5. Send the old install ID, new install ID and the removal code to and we will send you back a new key to activate the updated install. You can then restore your database, re-activate HTTPS and get back to work!

We offer and encourage use of our support team for scheduled, guided upgrades which are available to all customers in support. This way we can minimize downtime, do key exchanges right on the spot, and make sure you get a seamless upgrade experience 👍🏻

Note on HTTPS

If you were using HTTPS you can re-enable it anytime, or if you passed in the domain name/email environment variables to your Docker run command, it should just come back the way it was. If your browser is being stubborn about temporarily connecting back to the HTTP version, clear your browser cache and make sure you are using the http:// prefix in the address bar.

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