Streaming with NDI

Professional editors and creatives can make use of NDI video output from applications like Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, combined with OBS for generating the live stream. It takes about 5 minutes to set up and works forever once you have it going.

This tutorial has been tested on these software versions as of this writing: macOS Ventura and Windows 11, Adobe Premiere 2022, Final Cut Pro 10.6.5, OBS 29.1.1, OBS-NDI 4.11.1.

Let's get started!

1. Install OBS

OBS is a free streaming application that can have you going in seconds:

Bypass any setup wizards that appear on launch and use the instructions on the Streaming page to configure OBS for your stream

2. Install NDI for OBS & NDI Runtime

This small yet mighty component lets you harness your NDI signal in OBS and stream it anywhere. Be sure to choose the download appropriate for your system (i.e. Windows or Mac - Intel = x86_64, Apple Silicon = arm64):

Remember to also install the NDI runtime as instructed in the instructions linked above!

3. Start your NDI Output

Example 1: Adobe Premiere Pro

Under Preferences -> Playback, choose NDI Output as your video device.

Example 2: Final Cut Pro

Under Preferences -> Playback, choose NDI as your A/V Output, then under the 'Window' menu select A/V Output to start the output.

4. Set up your NDI feed in OBS

Add an NDI Source to the sources list and choose your NDI output:

The other preferences can be set as seen above and they should "just work", but you are welcome to play with things like the YUV Range and Hardware Acceleration to see what works best for you.

5. Set up your OBS Stream Output

Almost there! Use the steps from main Streaming tutorial to set up your Stream Output in OBS.

6. Go Live!

Your moment of triumph has arrived. Copy a streaming link from your Streamwell channel of choice and enter it under Settings -> Stream, then close the settings window and click 'Start Streaming' to go live (more on this in the main Streaming tutorial).

From now on, to start your live video all you need to do is open OBS and click 'Start Streaming'.

Congratulations on configuring your NDI Output! Now go get creative ๐ŸŽ‰

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