System Requirements

Streamwell runs in Docker on a dedicated server that you control. The server can be hardware, virtualized, or on a cloud provider of your choosing. Linux works best as the server OS, but for smaller installations serving limited viewer numbers, macOS or Windows works great too.

Streamwell requires a solid internet connection for all participants. Networks with high congestion, packet loss or high ping times will impact the latency and playback reliability.

Minimum Requirements

  • Linux / Windows / macOS running Docker (x86 or ARM are both supported natively)

  • Tested Linux flavours include Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Rocky

  • Quad-Core Intel Core i5 or better.

  • 2GB RAM on linux, 8GB RAM on macOS or Windows

  • 8GB disk space

  • 100Mbps+ wired internet connection

  • Access to your modem/router port forwarding settings


  • Ubuntu 22.04

  • 1Gbps or better wired internet connection

  • 4 dedicated cores is normally sufficient for up to 100 viewers over WebRTC or 500+ HLS viewers, but more CPU power and networking overhead will be required as the number scales. We have some performance tuning advice and can offer load tests / further assistance to customers in support.

  • RAM usage remains minimal unless transcoding or serving many hundreds of viewers.

Web Client

  • Google Chrome is recommended for the best experience 🥇

  • Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari also compatible 🥈

Default Network Ports

  • 80/443 TCP (Web Interface HTTP/HTTPS)

  • 1935/1936 TCP (RTMP/RTMPS)

  • 9998-9999 UDP (SRT)

  • 10010 UDP (Stream Data)

If you are installing Streamwell right now and you are feeling unsure of which ports you need to forward, please contact support for guidance.

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