System Requirements

Streamwell runs in Docker on a dedicated server that you control. The server can be hardware, virtualized, or on a cloud provider of your choosing. Linux works best as the server OS, but for smaller installations serving limited viewer numbers, macOS or Windows works great too.
Streamwell requires a solid internet connection for all participants. Networks with high congestion, packet loss or high ping times will impact the latency and playback reliability.
Streamwell (up to 25 viewers)
  • Linux / Windows / macOS running Docker (x86 or ARM are both supported natively)
  • Quad-Core Intel Core i5 or better
  • 8GB RAM
  • 12GB disk space (64GB or more recommended)
  • 100Mbps+ wired internet connection
  • Access to your modem/router port forwarding settings
Streamwell Studio (unlimited viewers)
  • Linux is recommended for serving higher viewer numbers
  • Tested flavours include Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS, Rocky
  • 1Gbps or better wired internet connection
  • 4 dedicated cores is normally sufficient for up to 100 viewers, but more CPU power and networking overhead will be required as the number scales. We have some performance tuning advice and can offer load tests / further assistance to customers in support.
  • RAM usage remains minimal unless transcoding or serving many hundreds of viewers.
Web Client
  • Google Chrome is recommended for the best experience 🥇
  • Microsoft Edge, Firefox and Safari also compatible 🥈
Default Network Ports
  • 80/443 TCP (Web Interface HTTP/HTTPS)
  • 3333/3334 TCP (WebRTC Playback HTTP/HTTPS)
  • 1935/1936 TCP (RTMP/RTMPS)
  • 8000 TCP (HLS)
  • 8001 TCP (HLS over SSL)
  • 9999 UDP (SRT)
  • 10010 TCP + UDP (Stream Data)
Note on port forwarding: these ports can be customized using environment variables when you start Streamwell. You might be thinking "surely I don't need to forward 10 ports to a computer just to use Streamwell" and you are correct.
For example, in an environment where you plan to use only RTMP streaming and don't require HTTPS, you would only forward ports 80, 1935, 3333, 10010. Forwarding the full list of ports allows you to use all of the streaming technologies (RTMP/RTMPS/SRT/HLS) in mixed environments, meaning you can access your server via a domain name like "" as well as on the local network IP (e.g. If you are installing Streamwell right now and you are feeling unsure of which ports you need to forward, please contact support for guidance.