Statistics and HLS Panel

With statistics enabled in Administration -> Server -> Settings, you can view live metrics about your stream, including how much data has moved in and out of the server:

Click 'show' next to 'Stream Key' and it will reveal all of the components of the Stream URLs, which you can easily click to copy and paste into your encoder settings.

See Public Links for more on Public Link management.

HLS Streaming

The HLS Stream is a widely compatible playback format that can be reliable even in poorer network conditions. You can hit 'play' to switch from the default WebRTC to the HLS player, or 'copy' the HLS link and play it directly using apps like VLC on a desktop computer. Devices or software which support the new LL-HLS standard will see good latency of ~3 seconds and older devices will fall back to classic HLS which offers latency of ~30 seconds.

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