Hello World

With the application now running, you should test the server before you go any further. To do so:

  • Open a web browser and go to the IP of the server. If you are on the server itself, use ‘’ which is the universal address for 'the machine I am currently on'.

  • Log in with the default admin credentials (admin / vnadmin - change these later!)

  • On the home page, copy the RTMP stream URL for the channel you just created.

  • Point your stream encoder to the stream URL and start your stream.

  • You should now be able to connect and view the stream via the home page.

  • You can log in to view streams, or share public links for one-tap access. Viewers can press 'T' to toggle a focused, minimal player or press 'F' to toggle fullscreen on or off.

  • If "Ultra Low Latency Playback" is disabled in the Administration section (Customization -> Preferences), or if a stream uses H265/HEVC video, the player will use traditional live streaming (HLS) for playback. The latency will be approximately 3 seconds on desktop computers, and up to 20 seconds on mobile devices.

Congratulations!! With the server running, this is an excellent time to test your hostname for remote access.

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