Streamwell is built to integrate with an installation of OvenMediaEngine, an open-source streaming engine created by Airensoft. OME provides key functionality like the low-latency streaming capability, re-streaming, recordings and live thumbnails.

A portion of each Streamwell sale goes to Airensoft via GitHub Sponsors as gratitude for their amazing work, and to keep OME alive for many years to come.

For self-hosted installs, there are some advanced configuration options available via the editor under Administration -> Server -> Engine Control -> Configure Engine. It is not recommended to dive in here unless you have a good understanding of the fundamentals and a backup of your original config.

More info on OME configuration can be found here:

Keep in mind that there are many elements of the engine config including ports, keys, and other parameters which are specific to Streamwell and will likely break the interface if you go in and change them freely. However if you set the corresponding environment variables when you install Streamwell, you can bend the OME config plenty of different ways to suit your needs.

A helpful guide on load testing and performance tuning can be found here. This is a must-read if you are integrating Streamwell into an environment with more than ~50 simultaneous viewers:


OvenMediaEngine and OvenPlayer are licensed under the AGPLv3 and MIT licenses respectively. They are integrated as library components of the software and are not directly supported, except via professional services.

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